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    Trust in Scholarly Communications and Infrastructure: Indigenous Data Sovereignty

    來源: Digital Repository Service (DRS2), 哈佛大學圖書館, 2022/1/12

    簡介: The focus of this article is to provide a brief overview of recent data sovereignty developments, along with the context that lies behind these activities. Through this examination, implications for trust in scholarly communications will be discussed.

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    Works in Progress Webinar: Lessons learned from establishing a bibliometric and research impact team at Syracuse University

    來源: OCLC, 2022/2/9

    簡介: Research universities are developing strategies and services in response to the need to demonstrate and quantify their research impact for an array of internal and external purposes, some of which include strategic decision-making, benchmarking, grant proposals and reporting, and understanding and communicating research performance at the individual and institutional levels. 



    Works in Progress Webinar: The International ILL Toolkit -- a crowd-sourced tool for global resource sharing

    來源: OCLC, 2022/2/17

    簡介: The International ILL Toolkit is a freely available, crowd-sourced effort, initiated by the OCLC SHARES resource sharing consortium, designed to promote and enable greater ease of global sharing among libraries. Learn about the origins of the Toolkit and how it grew into an elaborate, multifaceted set of resources with contributions from libraries around the world.



    Compute Canada Federation HSS Series 2022

    來源: DRI, 2022/2/22

    簡介: Beth Knazook, project manager, research data, at the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) will be presenting as part of a workshop series hosted by Compute Canada exploring research data management for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    An archive of Black newspapers is becoming more accessible at Howard. Here's why it's important.

    來源: Digital Repository Service (DRS2), 哈佛大學圖書館, 2022/2/27

    簡介: A massive effort is underway at Howard University to digitize thousands of Black newspapers in an effort to make the material more accessible and provide primary sources at a time when some are trying to whitewash history. 

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Association of Research Libraries Releases Annual Report 2021

    來源: ARL研究圖書館聯盟, 2022/3/9

    簡介: Today, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) released our Annual Report 2021, which highlights our collective accomplishments advancing research, learning, and scholarly communication, in alignment with our 2021–2022 Action Plan.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Digital Preservation Workflow Webinars and COW-a-thon

    來源: DPC, 2022/3/10

    簡介: Free to attend and open to all, the Digital Preservation Workflow Webinar series will showcase just some of the digital preservation workflow processes developed and implemented by DPC Member institutions. Each speaker will present their workflow, which represents a part of the digital preservation process or a particular digital media or content type, before we open the floor for discussion and a chance to ask questions.



    Conference ‘Heritage for the Future / Science for Heritage’: a European Adventure for Research and Innovation

    來源: 荷蘭文化遺產局, 2022/3/15

    簡介: Under the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Foundation for Heritage Science will organise, with the European Commission and in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), a symposium dedicated to heritage science in Europe.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Incorporating Digital Preservation into Your DAM Program

    來源: preservica, 2022/3/16

    簡介: The terms Digital Asset Management and Digital Preservation are often seen as two sides of the same coin. As disciplines and technologies they are quite different, performing distinct but complementary roles. When used in combination, they can lead to greater long-term brand value and asset reuse.



    Strategies for Success: Future-proof your Critical Long-Term Records Now

    來源: preservica, 2022/3/22

    簡介: In this lively webinar session, Ryan Britton, IQBG, discusses with Paul Stark and Gareth Aitken from digital preservation specialist Preservica, why organizations need a robust strategy for the governance and preservation of long-term digital records. 



    Developing Digital Stewardship Training: Reflections from a Collaborative Project to Strengthen Staff Skills

    來源: OCLC, 2022/3/25

    簡介: It discusses an IMLS-funded project to develop online digital stewardship training for staff of tribal archives, libraries, museums, and small public libraries, adapted from curriculum from WSU’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation. The project team considered prevalent notions of openness and neutrality, and reflected on how practices around digitization, discovery, and access may perpetuate dispossession and erasure of traditional knowledge. We encourage learners to incorporate responsible, ethical approaches when collaborating with others and including diverse cultural heritage materials in their digital collections.



    Webinar: DDI Working Together with Other Standards

    來源: CODATA, 2022/3/28

    簡介: The first webinar in the 2022 CODATA-DDI Alliance webinar series took place on 28 March 2022, examining how DDI products work together with other standards. Standards promote interoperability, transparency across agencies, and reduce development time.



    Where are we now? Mapping progress with geospatial data preservation

    來源: DPC, 2022/3/30

    簡介: This online event will be of interest to anyone who wants to find out how a range of different organizations manage and preserve geospatial data at various points in its lifecycle. As well as hearing from the Nuclear Decommissioning sector on how they have been managing their geospatial data over the last twenty years, we will hear from the digital preservation and geospatial data community about recent work on standards, metadata and file formats. A range of organizations will share case studies on how they are preserving, enhancing and providing access to geospatial datasets. As always there will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion and we will be discussing what else the DPC can do to move this topic forward for the community.



    Reimagine Descriptive Workflows: A Community-informed Agenda for Reparative and Inclusive Descriptive Practice

    來源: OCLC, 2022/4/5

    簡介: The Reimagine Descriptive Workflows project convened a group of experts, practitioners, and community members to determine ways of improving descriptive practices, tools, infrastructure, and workflows in libraries and archives. The result, this community agenda, is offered to the broad library and archives community of practice. The agenda draws together insights from the convening, related research, and operational work that is ongoing in the field. All institutions hold power to make meaningful changes in this space, and all share collective responsibility.  

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    ARL, CARL, and Ithaka S+R Release Final Report on Aligning the Research Library to Organizational Strategy

    來源: ARL研究圖書館聯盟, 2022/4/14

    簡介: ARL, CARL, and Ithaka S+R are pleased to publish the final report of the commissioned research to identify the strategic priorities of higher education’s senior leadership, and to identify how and what more research libraries can do to advance them. Thank you to the 63 university presidents, provosts, senior research officers, chief information officers, and presidents and executive directors of partner higher education associations who participated in the research.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Tools & Resources for Data Usage Metrics

    來源: RDA, 2022/4/21

    簡介: Since the founding of the RDA Data Usage Metrics Working Group, the community has focused on accessible ways to standardize and build open data metrics. Join to hear about the latest tools and resources from DataCite and Make Data Count to support repositories in data usage metrics and where the larger RDA community can go to support researchers in data research assessment metrics.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    ICSTI Exchanges: Knowledge Representation & Data Visualization

    來源: RDA, 2022/4/26

    簡介: The ICSTI Exchanges series brings member organizations together with STI stakeholders from around the world to exchange ideas and innovations in STI creation, dissemination, and use.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Practical Digital Preservation Training for Public Sector & Government

    來源: preservica, 2022/4/27

    簡介: The digital age has fundamentally changed the way that information is created, used and managed within the public sector. Think of the millions of government records now being born-digital or transformed into electronic formats daily?—?making traditional paper and microfilm preservation methods increasingly obsolete.



    Webinar: 7 Principles for assessing the long-term sustainability and durability of your digital preservation service provider

    來源: preservica, 2022/4/28

    簡介: Digital Preservation is by its very nature a long-term venture. Partnering with the right Digital Preservation service provider over the long term should also be a carefully considered decision.



    The Research Data Management in Engineering (RDMinEng) IG Webinar Series

    來源: RDA, 2022/5/5

    簡介: The Research Data Management in Engineering (RDMinEng) IG is hosting a webinar series with the RDA community to explore and exchange our engineering practice and experience in the area of knowledge and use of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Digital Preservation Futures with Preservica

    來源: preservica, 2022/5/10

    簡介: On Tuesday 10th May, join Preservica as we discuss our approach to solving preservation risks in the face of current economic and environmental challenges with fellow DPC members and supporters.



    Linked Data as a Cooperative Effort

    來源: OCLC, 2022/5/11

    簡介: This presentation shares how, over the last decade, OCLC has joined a number of national libraries and library organizations in publishing linked data. With the explosion of different efforts and initiatives, attention now turns to the ways in which the metadata can be maintained sustainably and in such a way to enable increased value while decreasing efforts. In January 2020, OCLC received a two-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create a shared “entity management infrastructure” providing a platform to support linked data initiatives throughout the library community.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Beeldherkenning als instrument voor museumcollecties

    來源: Dutch Digital Heritage Network (DDHN), 2022/5/16

    簡介: In het project Automatische Beeldherkenning als instrument voor museumcollecties onderzoekt Naturalis samen met projectpartners of en hoe kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) kan bijdragen aan het proces van museale objectregistratie. In deze pilot worden middels Machine Learning verschillende modellen getraind met scans of foto’s van gedetermineerde specimens of andere objecten om ongedetermineerde objecten op naam te brengen.



    Symposium Museumcollecties & AI

    來源: Dutch Digital Heritage Network (DDHN), 2022/5/16

    簡介: AI Sander Pieterse geeft een presentatie Als afsluiting van het project Beeldherkenning als instrument voor museumcollecties organiseerde Naturalis op 16 mei 2022 een symposium. Hier deelden de deelnemende partijen de eerste resultaten en kon je de ontwikkelde modellen in actie zien.



    Article Artwork in search of an heir - English and Hebrew versions

    來源: 荷蘭文化遺產局, 2022/5/17

    簡介: Theft, confiscation, or sale under duress. The Dutch State administers a considerable number of artworks lost by individuals just before or during the Second World War. The Netherlands are doing everything in their power to return the objects and since the start of 2022 are intensifying their efforts.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Why Web Archiving

    來源: IIPC, 2022/5/23

    簡介: Due to the pandemic, the 2022 Web Archiving Conference (WAC) and General Assembly (GA) will be held online. We are delighted to be working with the Library of Congress to deliver this year's virtual events!

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    e-IRG Workshop under French EU Presidency

    來源: CASRAI, 2022/5/30

    簡介: Given the success of the virtual events, the e-IRG Workshop in the framework of the French EU Presidency will be also organised as a virtual event and will be conducted as a series of three webinars (in the future hybrid events may be considered). Each of the webinars is addressing key challenges for the further development of e-Infrastructures in the Europe Research Area and beyond, linked also with EU Presidency priorities.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records: New DPC Technology Watch Report now available on general release

    來源: DPC, 2022/6/6

    簡介: The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made the next in its series of Technology Watch Reports on Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records by Aliza Leventhal and Jody Thompson, available on general release today.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Academic Libraries’ Streaming Media Trends in the US and Canada 

    來源: Ithaka S+R, 2022/6/9

    簡介: The survey explored the range of vendors providing streaming media, acquisition models and licensing approaches, current and projected budgets, as well as libraries’ own digitization activities. 

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    17th International Digital Curation Conference

    來源: DCC, 2022/6/13

    簡介: The 17th edition of the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC22) took place on 13-16 June 2022.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Vive les Métadonnées! (Les bases de DDI en fran?ais / DDI basics in French)

    來源: CODATA, 2022/6/13

    簡介: Cet atelier a présenté les normes et les produits de l’Alliance DDI pour la collecte, la gestion et la diffusion des données, comme un excellent moyen de répondre aux demandes de données FAIR dans la recherche moderne.



    Registration now open for 'Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation' training, 26-28 July 2022

    來源: DPC, 2022/6/14

    簡介: Registration is now open for 'Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation' training which will be delivered in two short instructor-led blocks on 26th and 28th July, with timing options designed to be suitable for attendees around the world.



    WARC Preservation Community Discussion with the Digital Preservation Coalition

    來源: DPC, 2022/6/14

    簡介: The digital curation community has discussed at length how to collect websites as WARC files, but what is the next step in the preservation workflow for these types of files? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preserving WARCs, and questions of organization, structure, metadata, and access emerge when considering the options. Web archives may be your core focus, or they may exist in the context of a range of digital preservation activities. No matter what your – or your organization’s – situation is, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about what you’re doing and the questions you’re facing.



    Webinar: Metadata Uplift – PDF/Excel to Structured DDI Documentation

    來源: CODATA, 2022/6/16

    簡介: This webinar explores the ways in which organizations can take existing data documentation in typical formats and produce structured, machine-actionable XML metadata according to the DDI Codebook (DDI-C) and DDI Lifecycle (DDI-L) standards.



    Facilitating Data stewardship in Slovenia

    來源: RDA, 2022/6/17

    簡介: New roles and tasks for research support are emerging in the Slovenian research ecosystem through the implementation of Open Science principles, the increased importance of data-sharing culture, legal regulations and administrative obligations.  

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    RDA 19th Plenary meeting, part of International Data Week, 20–23 June 2022, Seoul, South Korea

    來源: RDA, 2022/6/20

    簡介: The founding organisations, the International Science Council’s Committee on Data (CODATA) and World Data System (WDS), the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and the local hosts held the International Data Week 2021 on 20-23 June 2022 for the main conference. Associated events took place between 18-26 June 2022. The conference was run as a hybrid format with both in-person and virtual participation.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    International Data Week 2022

    來源: CODATA, 2022/6/20

    簡介: IDW 2022 will be hosted in Seoul, South Korea, by Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), committed by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Seoul Metropolitan Government, National Library of Korea, and National Assembly Library, with the support of the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine and the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    WorldFAIR - Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice

    來源: CODATA, 2022/6/20

    簡介: The objective of the session is to inform participants about the WorldFAIR project and to invite collaboration. It is our ambition, where possible through third party effort and/or funding, to encourage parallel activity, to expand existing case studies or to add new research areas.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Filme, Kultursch?tze und Neues von gestern - die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek beim Digitaltag 2022

    來源: 德國國家圖書館, 2022/6/24

    簡介: Der Digitaltag ist ein bundesweiter Aktionstag zur digitalen Teilhabe, der mit zahlreichen Aktionen Digitalisierung für alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger alltagsnah erlebbar machen will. Zum Digitaltag kommen Menschen bei verschiedenen Veranstaltungsformaten überall in Deutschland zusammen, um gemeinsam digitale Technologien zu entdecken und besser kennenzulernen.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      


    Registration open, 'Digital Preservation of Religious Collections' (27, 29, 30 June)

    來源: DRI, 2022/6/27

    簡介: The Digital Repository of Ireland is delighted to invite you to register for a hybrid event in June 2022, with the theme of 'Digital Preservation of Religious Collections: Conversations and Collaborations'.This conference is part of our biennial ‘Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities’ (DPASSH) series. The event this year will combine online practical workshops on 27 June with a hybrid-format conference on 29 and 30 June.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications     


    Asking nicely: Best practices for requesting data

    來源: USGS, 2022/6/28

    簡介: Compiling disparate datasets into publicly available composite databases helps natural resource communities explore ecological trends and effectively manage across spatiotemporal scales. Though some studies have reported on the database construction phase, fewer have evaluated the data acquisition and distribution process. To facilitate future data sharing collaborations, Louisiana State University surveyed data providers and requestors to understand the characteristics of effective data requests and sharing. Data providers were largely U.S. natural resource agency personnel, and they reported that unclear data requests, privacy issues, and rigid timelines and formats were the greatest barriers toward providing data, but that they were motivated by improving science and collaboration. Data requestors identified challenges such as evolving needs, standardization issues, and insufficient resources (time and funding) as barriers to compiling data for these types of efforts. In a time of big data, open access, and collaboration, significant scientific advances can be made with effective requests and inclusion of data sets into larger and more powerful databases.

    Conferences, Journals and other publications      

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